Bioresonance Testing

A natural, empowering, innovative technology to scan and rebalance your body

Everything around us and everything in our body has individual frequency characteristics that make it work optimally. Every day, the frequencies in our body can be disrupted by internal and external stress, bacteria, toxins and sensitivities which create imbalances and impact our wellness. However, we don't see this happening as we can't see inside our bodies!  Sometimes these imbalances are apparent through pain and stress but sometimes there are no outward or physical symptoms so these stresses and imbalances remain undetected - stopping you from reaching your optimal vitality.

Bioresonance testing and scanning is like a magnifying glass looking into your body. It offers you the remarkable opportunity of having a clear view of where your body needs wellness support. 

I witnessed Sigi’s dramatic impact on improving tissue health and fluid movement in a patient. It not only helped their chronic joint pain but their general health and well-being.”
— UM

As one of only twelve practitioners trained in the use of the bioresonance frequency technology by Sensitiv Imago (Si) in the UK, I am fully qualified to scan your body, your organs, your limbs, your major systems and to advise you on the Great Insight (Gi) results of the body scan. 

I affectionately call my machine Sigi – an abbreviation of the name of my fully owned special scanning device and the great insight she gives.

In the comfort of my wellness studio, you will be able to gain clarity about your body and receive tailored rebalancing and wellness recommendations to help you feel the way you want to feel.

Who benefits from bioresonance testing

I advise a range of clients who come to me for a variety of very different reasons.  Some clients are curious - or concerned - to see how balanced the various parts of their body are. There may be questions about specific physical limbs or specific internal organs or specific body systems - such as digestive, immune, hormonal - or indeed all. 

Some clients feel tired, some have pain-related, stress-related or allergy-related symptoms that are bothering them. Some need help with knowing about the location and levels of bacteria and toxins in the body. Some clients have no symptoms but just don't feel right.

In all cases and with all clients, the factual information and the unique root cause analysis data Sigi provides is the key to finding out about your body - and show you the best next steps to take control of your wellness.

Experience Sigi for yourself

For a start, there's no hanging around for hours in busy waiting rooms!  All you do is come to my comfortable wellness studio for your scheduled appointment, put on patented technology headphones, place your hands on two silver pads and watch the results on the screen. 

I analyse what is happening and we discuss your results together. We then select the key areas to receive fully tailored rebalancing in the second half of the session.

Based on your results I recommend effective ways to improve your daily wellness. 

See below for a detailed explanation of the scanning session.

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What is included in a Sigi scan

Each fully tailored session includes a scan, detailed analysis of results (including potential root causes), rebalancing, plus wellness recommendations.

See Bioresonance Appointments for full session details.

What happens during a Sigi scan

I sit at my computer managing the scanning programme, talking to you and answering any questions you may have as we move through the session together. We see the same information at the same time. Parts of your body will appear on the computer screen as Sigi scans, for example, your spine or your liver.

Your first scan will check 208 areas of your body and will illustrate the balance of a particular area of your body at that specific time, by comparing your frequency results to the optimal frequency for that part of your body. 

See Bioresonance Technology for a more detailed explanation of the technology.

What happens after a Sigi scan

The ability to see exactly what is happening inside your body and to actually see your health improve is so valuable and reassuring to me and I will use this in the future to give me the peace of mind that I am doing all I can to help my body”
— JE

Once Sigi has identified the stressed and imbalanced areas, I review the data and also explain the potential root cause of the imbalance by looking at additional information such as levels and location of bacteria, toxins and sensitivities in your body.

This analysis ensures that the next steps of rebalancing and wellness recommendations focuses on the areas which will reduce the largest stress load on your body and best support your wellness and you as a whole. 

There is a positive domino effect in the body - less stress in one area of the body equals more energy in the rest of the body.

What happens during the rebalancing part of the Sigi session

As with the scan, you wear the headphones, put your hands on the sensor pads and watch everything on screen. Up to 10 imbalanced areas are chosen and individually receive the ideal frequency to allow them to work more optimally. All rebalancing is fully tailored to your body and Sigi will show us when your body has received the optimal amount of the frequency.  

On the screen, we will see the areas move from imbalance into more balance through the increase in the balance percentage figure and the colour coding Sigi uses. I will talk you through these changes during the rebalancing.

Here are two screenshots of the upper body. The screenshot on the left is taken after a client's scan. The red/blue/black shapes show imbalances of the client's body.

The screenshot on the right is after a client's rebalancing session. The green/yellow shapes show more balance in each of the areas.

After Scan

After Scan

After rebalancing

After rebalancing

How will I feel at the end of the Sigi sessions

You leave the session with a detailed and personal insight into the areas of your body that are currently balanced, and knowledge of those areas that are unbalanced, plus the potential root cause of that imbalance.

You also leave with personal recommendations based on your results to support your body every day.

What else can I do to help my body

I am here to support you on your wellness journey, however I would say that your body is your responsibility every day!  

I combine all my wellness knowledge and experience to give you personal recommendations based on your results - including an hand reflex chart that can help you every day.

See Optimal Vitality Testimonials to discover how my clients have felt improved energy, less pain, more focus, improved mood and are feeling more like themselves again.  

See Bioresonance Technology to read more about this highest quality technology.

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